Butterfly explores one of many social constructs that I have begun to investigate through film.  This particular subject is gender fluidity. 


The specific lens I use to express my point of view on this subject introduces a natural surrealism that runs parallel to the repression-free fluidity our protagonist desires.  As a young director, I continuously work diligently to make my point of view clear, specific, accessible, and always present throughout all of my works on subjects that perhaps need a deeper understanding.  


Butterfly helps us to draw a through-line from the heightened strokes of surrealism to the natural universal emotional truths that connect us all.  


My hope is that this short film will speak to you in the way I wished for it and its characters to touch audiences during the films’ inception.  Our crew, lead actor, and myself have all worked tirelessly to communicate Butterfly in such a way as to connect people to a humanity that transcends the paradigms, even if only for a few moments; it is only in those moments our minds are freed to ask more questions about ourselves and the worlds we live in—in the ways that art leads us to do.  



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